Monday, January 16, 2012


As I stood in the field filled with daisies, I could feel the warm sun shining on my back. 
I ran for just a minute, arms out and head tilted back.
Pretending I was Maria from The Sound of Music. 
Spinning in circles.
Round and Round.
My sister and I sat down and had a picnic.
With the best cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches a girl has ever seen.
I couldn't help but be happy.
It was perfect.
The birds were singing 
A butterfly gently landed on the flower next to me
Slowly opening and closing it's wings for us.
Hummingbirds were drinking from the Foxglove in the distance. 
As we started to enjoy our cheesecake 
It began to sprinkle.
With giggles rolling like waves
And some squeals about the tears from the heavens
We stood up... gathered our things and began to run.
And then it happened


"Where is my "Lilly" walker?" 
"I can't run"

I rolled over
and started to cry... because for just a moment
I could.

Even if it was only in my dreams. 

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