Sunday, December 11, 2011

out and about and Letter to Santa

Tonight... I dragged Lilly (my walker) to the pier. I needed some time just to breathe... slow down... watch the waves. My goal was to walk to the end of the pier and back...

I didn't quite make it. Actually... I didn't even make it to the first bench. I was about 20 feet away... but the unevenness of the pier boards made it quite difficult to walk... even with Lilly. My mom pulled the car around and picked me up in the loading zone after my "walk".

"I didn't expect that to be so hard.", I told her.

Quite honestly... I didn't expect this year to be so difficult. Last year... I can't remember what I asked Santa for... it was probably something silly... Oh wait... I remember... I asked for a red cardigan from target... I'm pretty easy on Santa most years... Except for third grade... when I asked for Stilts. They were impossible to find... and instead of stilts I got a jailbird outfit... black and white striped shirt (We still laugh about it today... my sis and I got matching shirts.)

So... Since I know that Santa knows about my blog (he has to right?) I decided I'd post my Christmas letter to him here. (Ha ha... this is way too fun :) he he)

"Dear Santa,
I have been a very good, and very brave girl this year.  I'm not going to ask you for much this year... But there is one thing I'd really like... And that is for larger veins.

I'm pretty sure you don't make these in your workshop... but if you could that would be wonderful... and if you could please install them tonight... that would also be wonderful.

Oh and also... if you could fill all the hills in orange county with daisies... that would be wonderful too!

Love always,

P.S. I also want a subscription to Real Simple Magazine... it's my favorite! But I'm pretty sure My Mommy is getting that for me :) "

Well... Tomorrow is the big day... I'm getting my Lumbar puncture... Please please pray that they will be able to get the samples they need. Please pray that I wont have a "dry tap" and also please pray that they can get my vein for the blood sample they need to compare against the tap... it's going to be a struggle... I'm way bruised from Saturday... and my veins are shot.

Thank you for your prayers and support!
xoxo- me

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