Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I can remember sitting in a really uncomfortable orange chair in driver's ed class while watching a movie describing the dangers of driving while tired.  There was a lady in some 80's parachute pants pretending to be exhausted (let's just say her acting was sub par) and she pulled over to the side of the road to rest. In the movie it suggested that if you ever feel like you are going to fall asleep that you pull over. Makes sense doesn't it?

My commute to work is 40 minutes each way. I've been having trouble staying awake during the day... at work... at home... in the car... and... I can't get the image of the lady in her parachute pants out of my mind. Today as I left work my boss (who is a very caring mother herself) told me to stay awake.

"your eyelids are at half mast" she said.

I got in my car (Wendy)... cranked the radio... rolled down my windows and sang as loud as possible. The four hours a day and hour and 20 minutes driving are really wearing me out. I come home exhausted... and I understand why the doctor only let me go back part time (finally... took me a week... but I get it now... and I'm questioning my sanity.) About half way home... I had to stop, just like the parachute pant lady, to take a rest. I grabbed a diet coke and rested. I just need to take some advice on resting from parachute pant lady. Rest is important.

Now... if I could only have the style that she did... I would be set :) Ha ha!

xoxo- me

P.S. still waiting on results... I've had fevers for 3 days in a row.. please pray they will go away :)


Naomi said...

please don't get pants like that!

Rachel Shoemaker said...

well I can't cause I would match you and we would be twins ;) xoxo ha ha!