Saturday, February 14, 2009

A rainy Sister day at Disneyland!

So Naomi and I decided to get annual passes again for Disneyland... We went yesterday and it was so fun!
Arriving on Main Street

Going on the NEW Nemo ride :)

I love sister days :)

the initial view from the window :)

In the Yellow Submarine :)

On the Matterhorn!
I love the Disney Gardens :)

A view of the top of the submarines :)

Naomi's favorite!

Construction and California Adventure

Where did his ears go?!?!

Vending machine at Monsters inc. I like the one that says Sugar Salt and Fat.... oh so true!

Mickey and Minnie!

Ok.... Thunder mountain had to stop, while we were on it! because of the rain... So 2 minutes into our wait to be "saved" I decided it was time for my umbrella... the entire train broke into laughter and pulled out theirs too :) I think my sis was slightly embarrassed at first :)

Our broken train....

So sad.... this is my Favorite!

But when we were walking back I got this shot :) Pretty cool huh?

Trying to stay dry!

Ok... this is where we got really wet! waiting to get off of Small world it started to POUR! So up went the umbrella again... and then we had to go home... our shoes were flooded :)

Not a tear on my cheek... rain
have I ever told you how much I love tulips?!?!? Gorgeous!

Ready to go home.... and get dry :) It was a wonderful day! Thanks for joining me Sissy :)

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Arnette said...

adorable pictures. Isn't it great to have a sister?
xxxooo Arnette