Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Some more stuff!

Ok, I couldn't resist one more post today. I have been working on a few things and I love them so much!

First an adorable 12 month onsie with an appliqued owl... Such a hoot!

Second "Glamor Gloves" basically a rubber glove with a flirty touch...

Ok and how cute are these birdcages?!?! I found them on a super clearance at my local craft store for 4 bucks each! They were originally $30 each... I was going to just get one but then I couldn't resist! I am going to hang them in my sewing room and put some decorations on them... I don't really have anything cute in my sewing room yet... this is a start :)


Monique said...

Seriously super cute! Love the gloves!

Joyful Weddings & Events said...

Love that onesie! super cute!

phletcher said...

i LOVE the owl!! seriously... could you maybe make me a "custom" item? could you put that on a canvas tote bag and i'll buy it on etsy? it's soo cute!!
lauren lowe