Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Breaking Bad Habits

In my decision to "figure it out better" I have decided on a few things. I am hoping to stick to these, they aren't that big of changes. I will update you in a week to see how I did.

1a. I will take the time to prepare food for myself and not just grab something easy. We're not talking about four course meals here, but something other than string cheese and whatever chips are laying around. I will admit I have been horrible lately at making myself meals. It isn't that I don't have the time... it is that I procrastinate about making it (Yep here comes procrastination again)

1b. Eating in front of the computer or TV is no longer allowed (I can't even tell you how many times I have done this). In this electronic driven world it is so hard to unplug. When I was growing up this would never have been allowed, except for Sunday night when we always watched a movie together and had popcorn apples crackers and cheese. I spend way to much time mindlessly eating in front of the computer or TV... and therefore have gained weight.

2. I will limit my computer time (non working) to an hour a day. So much time has been wasted!

3. Exercise must happen daily. I will go out and enjoy nature every day.

4. I must be thankful for what I have and think before I purchase something. I find myself always wanting something new and I really don't need it. I have too much stuff! Which leads me to number four.

5. I will get rid of something old when I do need something new.

So... go ahead, tell me what you think of these bad habits I need to break...

What bad habits do you need to break?


Nyla said...

These are great. I was reading them while I was enjoying my lunch IN FRONT of the computer! I should do that rule too! I too, have been on the computer too much. SO I actually did the same rule...and it is so great. My house is clean again!

Jerome & Crysti said...

I totally agree! Get rid of something old when you get something new. I have recently been driving to the Good Will a bunch :-)

Also, you will thank the Lord for that idea when you move. Packing and moving is craziness...and when you pack everything, you see how much nonsense you keep toting from place to place.

I figure, if I haven't used it or looked at it in the past year, I probably won't miss it if I toss it out :-)