Wednesday, July 16, 2008

photo catch up!

I love these kids! I spent last week working at Camp Courageous! And the my cousins wedding!
The Bride jumping in!Underwater fun!Cousin fun in the pool! my cousin Jason and his fiance` Erin's shoes

mmm... dessert!
How cool are these m&ms?!?!?
The bathroom mirror!
My Cousins!

SO cute!
I love this shot

Grandma... I hope you will make my cake! And Naomi's too!

Grandma Shoemaker the cakemaker!

Our grandma makes the best cake!

mmm food

We were laughing too hard... silly underwater pics!
Fun with the under water camera
Yummy! Waffle house!
My dad always raves about the Waffle house when he comes home from his business trips... and yes.. it is amazing!

Chatelaine Had her tenth birthday on Monday! I threw her a little party and gave her her favorite meal... Turkey and Giblets... mmmm! Ok... stop laughing... I don't have any kids!

Today I went out to dinner with my mom... mom... maybe you should lay off the chinese mustard next turned bright red... I love you


Nyla said... looks like so much fun! I love hte underwater pictures. THe wedding looks gorgeous! I am so glad you had so much fun! We missed you though!

Naomi said...

Um at the tone pacific day light time will be time to update your blog!!!!