Friday, July 25, 2008

frustrations. grace. excel. happiness. kayak.

It has been one of those weeks. I struggled with everything this week, my relationships, my business, my sinuses, my happiness... It was a hard week! Nothing bad actually happened, I was just stressed. I was holding on to all my problems and not letting God help me with them. I broke down. I cried. I realized that as much as I was trying to solve my problems on my own... I would never be able to do it. I needed to ask for help. Peace was needed in my life. Grace was needed in my life.

After I gave it to Him everything worked itself out (imagine that!) I did what I needed to get done and I was happier and healthier and my family wasn't on edge anymore when they were around me...

One of my major stresses this week was my business taxes that are due July 30th. I detest Excel... I can't figure anything out on it. So in my frustration I sent my dad an instant message while he was at work crying for help. He made me this handy dandy excel worksheet that solved all my problems! I am so glad God made people who can understand excel! Then he helped me figure out all the tax papers we had to fill out... I love you daddy! Needless to say my taxes are now done and I can relax... that is until SUNDAY!

On Sunday I am heading up to camp with the 5th and 6th grade girls from my church! I am so excited! I already have quite a few fun special things planned for us to do together... I love camp! Please pray for me this week that I will be able to be a good Godly leader and LOVE these girls with Christ's love.

Ok... now to the fun pictures! My sister and I are going camping in 2 weeks... that is right 2 weeks in a row up in the mountains! We are so excited! We bought a kayak and a tent... we have already tested them both out (a nice sleepover in our backyard and a kayak experience in the harbor!)

Me and my sissy!
me and our kayak!
Naomi in the kayak!
I think we are going kayaking again tomorrow! It was sooo fun!

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Nyla said...

I love how close you are to your sister! You will have so much fun camping together!

I actually saw you in church last were putting your fingers through Naomi's hair...I smiled...I hope my children are as close as the two of you when they are older! You are such a sweet family!