Tuesday, June 3, 2008

getting wet

The excitement is building, it seems that everything is coming together at once. What I thought would never have happened has, and what I never would have expected, came. This is one of the times where I want so badly to step back and take a breath but I am so excited, I don't want to miss anything... I guess this is life. We must stop and take a breath though... we must not get burned out!

So everyday I choose to take a breath, just one breath. I walk on the beach, I ponder my problems, excitements, issues and I watch the waves crash. Life is like the waves. No matter what we do it will just keep coming, crashing into us. We cannot stop it but we can try to prepare for it.

There are two choices we can make; we can dance through the waves of life and get wet, or simply stand on the side and watch...

I am getting wet :)


Suzy said...

Hmm.. exciting things happening? I want to share in your happiness! I also want to do lunch!

Nyla said...

I love your blog...it is so uplifting...you should be a writer!