Monday, May 12, 2008

A wonderful Morning

Today, I have to make a confession... I haven't been walking... There are plenty of excuses I could give you but, they are just that, excuses.

This morning I awoke early to take my dad to the rental car place and on my way back I saw the ocean... It was calling my name. I drove down and was conveniently already wearing my walking shoes and comfy clothes. My walk began slow, with very little expectations for myself. I was just going to walk to the pier and back... then I decided to start the trek up to North Beach, I turned around at the construction (they are finishing the board walk) I then decided to walk along the pier, after that I thought I could walk just a little bit towards Califia Beach. At this point I was not ready to go back. The silence, the peace, the cool ocean breeze against my face had me wanting more. I walked down to Califia and then back... Then I decided to make it an even 5 miles and walk back up to the pier and back... I realized how much I missed walking... it is so wonderful! It was a wonderful morning.


Jerome & Crysti said...

Wow, sweet! Good walking :-)

Nyla said...

I am so jealous. It sounds like you had a wonderful walk. What a sense of accomplishment you must feel today! You go girl!