Friday, May 9, 2008

forgotten posts

As I was looking at my blog this morning I realized something... There are about 10 posts I have written but never posted because they are too personal and I wondered... does anybody else do this? Blogging is therapeutic, it allows me to write something I have on my mind and know that somewhere... someone is reading it.... The other day my dad said in his manly, loving, I only want the best for you voice "blogs are public domain... anyone can read them unless you put some security on it" . So I am careful about what I post and yet still try to give you an insight into my life, my daily life.

I recently put on a meter thingy on my blog and was quite surprised where people look at it from DAILY... Paris, Austria, New Zealand, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Virginia... yes... I know about you! Why is it that you never comment? I would love to get to know you! I am amazed that you come back day after day and read my little musings about life, love, and Daisy Dots. There is a part of mystery that comes with you visiting, I wonder what you do, what type of life you lead. So please keep coming and I will keep writing... So here's to you my blog spy's... Love to you all!

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Nyla said...

I so agree with your dad! that is why I made my blog private! Although that being said, I am not sure if I would have made it private if I didn't have children. I was too worried that any freak-o could cut, copy and paste my children's photos and do with them as they please. I must is amazing to many how many people don't have private blogs. I think there is a blog in this comment...I may post something about this on my blog!