Wednesday, May 21, 2008

late night talks between sisters

My sister and I are twins... well at least that is how we feel. We are 21 months apart and look completely different and act completely different but we always know what each other are thinking or feeling or finishing each others sentences. We have a bond. It hasn't always been there, as kids we fought like cats and dogs, then in high school we realized how much we needed each other.

We were in band leadership together, our fellow leaders thought the similarities between us were hilarious ( like when we both picked up a tarp with our toes at the same time when everyone else bent down to use their hands, or when we laughed at something no one else understood). We are inseparable...

We have the funniest conversations at night and most of the time they make no sense to anyone except ourselves... we share a room... we laugh late into the night... I can't even tell you how many times our parents have knocked on the wall or yelled... what is going on in there? whats so funny? we just giggle and say in unison "nothing". The party then continues.

Here is a snippet of our conversation last night... I will be using different names... I wont tell you who is who... I was sworn to secrecy... just add a whole bunch of giggles into this while you read it...

Frank- I can't find my eye drops!!!

George- well I don't have them

Frank- you stole them and I know it (giggling)

George- no... you misplaced them

Frank- (digs through drawer for a few minutes)

George- how long are you going to look for them?

Frank- you don't know how bad my eye is itching!!! (turns off light)

George- blow in it

Frank- that didn't do anything! (turns on light again) are you sure you don't have them?

George- yes

Frank- (walks over to Georges bed starts digging through Georges books looking for them) I bet you hid them (turns off light and goes back to bed)

George- They might be in my drawer in the bathroom

Frank - (walks to the bathroom) all I can find are sterile tears... AND THEY AREN'T STERILE... They've been opened and you probably rubbed them all over your eye!

George- How much longer are you going to look for them?

Frank- I will just use the sterile tears... I guess I will just be blind tomorrow....

hmm... maybe that was funnier to me than to you... What type of funny things happen/happened with your siblings?

This is the funniest picture... I love it... look at Naomis eyes... ha ha ha... look at my face... ha ha ha... I promise... we didn't photo shop this at all!

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Jerome & Crysti said...

Ah, my silly, silly friends :-) I think that's a story where you had to be there *wink