Thursday, May 1, 2008

Figuring it out

This whole business thing is a new experience for me. That is if you don't count the "Bamboo Bar" (a restaurant my sister and neighbor kids and I started in one of their back yards) or my many lemonade stands, or the Kidz Camp we ran in our back yard (actually quite successful), or my cookie business that lasted all of a day... This is my first... My first REAL business.

Today I had my first meltdown, I had orders to fill and about 10 things on my todo list... I got frustrated, overwhelmed, and emotional. My mom found me weeping at the computer trying to figure out how I was going to finish all that I needed to do. She gave me a hug, I rudely walked away and closed my bedroom door. I needed space, space from people, space from my business, space from me. My pillow soon became wet with tears and my eyes became a little red. While sulking I realized I can do it, it will just take a little longer than I expected. I wont get my dress finished, or my sisters dress, or my moms bags, or lining our living room curtains, or stock up my produce bags in just one day... it will take time, I will get it done, just not today. So now I sit and relax after a hard days work... I just need to breathe


chrissie said...

You have a really full plate. It's true, you cannot sanely do it all. Set realistic goals for each day. Make time to rest and be quiet and unwind.

Jerome & Crysti said...

Breathing is good!
You take each day one at a time, and focus on the tasks at hand...don't stress about tomorrow. It will come whether you're ready or not (no hide-and-seek pun intended).

You're not alone either! Each of us have those "I can't do this" days. I don't have those days in terms of running my own business, but just daily stress of normal life is enough.

Breathe. And hang out tonight :-) We'll relax you with fun!

Nyla said...

I know how you feel Rachel! Life itself can get so busy and crazy. When I feel like that I just sit down and begin to pray...that is after I have yelled at my hubby and kids to stop asking me for stuff! :)...but I find the prayer time gets me to calm down...and unbelievably I actually can get most of the stuff done!

I think it is best to make a list and then decide what to move off the list and onto the list for the next day! :) Love you! You are amazing