Sunday, April 27, 2008

I heart picnics!

Today was our annual church picnic... So much fun! I love going and fellowshiping, making cotton candy, bouncing with friends, water fights and throwing eggs at each other... Yay for picnics! Can't wait for the fall kick off!

Some more exciting news... Just had someone e-mail me wanting to buy my bags in bulk.... not quite sure if it will work out but if it does, that would be amazing! I have been so blessed! Oh, and Sweet Carolyn from church just gave me a wonderful gift of a bunch of tulle that she doesn't need anymore and figured I could use! Thanks Carolyn! xoxo!

Smile friends!


Nyla said...

I agree, the picnic was fun! I didn't stay for the water fight though! Did you get wet???

Rachel Shoemaker said...

oh yes... my sweet 5th grade girls got me good... it felt wonderful! I think it was 95 degrees!