Tuesday, April 8, 2008

getting rid of the junk...

Lately my life has been surrounded by junk... junk in my room, bathroom, sewing room, body, car... This is really disturbing to me... So I have decided to be proactive about it...

I started with my body a couple weeks ago I have lost 9 pounds! I cut out (most) snacking and only eat when I am hungry and eat smaller portions... It has amazed me how easily it has come off!

Then I cleaned my car and some of my room and organized some stuff... yesterday I de-cluttered my bathroom... today I TACKLED my sewing room! My sewing room was really the worst of them all... absolutely covered in junk! I was trying to help my business grow and forgot that picking up after myself is really necessary. I always feel more peaceful when everything is in its spot, it is just so nice. Nothing is absolutely completed but is it really ever?

This all reminded me of what happens when we lose track of what is really important in life. The junk in my life needs to be taken care of daily, I need to remember to ask God for forgiveness daily and have him help me with my "junk", accept his grace, his love, and his forgiveness daily just as I need to get rid of the junk surrounding me.

My life seems to be coming into focus again, in all aspects... God has something big in store for me... I know it

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