Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I was reminded today of what love is. I was babysitting one of my favorite families, I had three kiddos, one 5, one 2, and a newborn... We were playing with the little cars from "The Game of Life" (they wanted to actually play the game but... this worked) they were so happy until... "Miss Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I rush frantically into the room where the 5 year old had taken his car, carrying the screaming baby. "What is the matter sweetheart?" I ask (seeing the child isn't hurt) "My blue guy is stuck!" he replies with tears in his eyes... that's right, crying over a blue plastic peg... He had somehow put his "man" in the "gear shift" on the plastic car that kids ride on.
The baby is crying... the 2 year old is calling for me... and I am worrying about a blue plastic peg less than a half an inch long... I try to convince my crying boy that it is OK... there are about 50 more where he came from. This brought him no comfort. We had to get the man out of the inside of the "engine" of the car and FAST!
The baby is still screaming... the 2 year old is still calling... I am still working on the blue man. " Where does daddy keep his tools?" We went to the garage and found a screwdriver... I climb onto a step stool (newborn in arms) and get the screwdriver (I know there is so much wrong with this picture). The child runs frantically to save the man... I couldn't get the peg out fast enough!

Baby still screaming... 2 year old is now just as worried about the man.... talk about pressure on a babysitter :) I unscrewed the car and found a few more items in the "engine",but no man (this obviously wasn't the first time)...are you kidding me! We later find it on the ground and all is well in the land "life".
I found that showing my love for a child is as easy as rescuing a 1/4 inch man from the inside of a car engine!

Oh, by the way I bought a new sewing machine today :)

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Jerome & Crysti said...

Busy, busy, busy.
Those kids sound like a lot of fun...though maybe a bubble bath is in order after you get paid and go home :-)