Sunday, September 23, 2007

God is so Good!

Today at church we had a baptism. I love baptisms and I make a point to be at every one. I remember my baptism very well. It was March 6th and I was baptised the same day as my good friend (and practically brother) Jared Roberts. I remember standing in the water of the Keller's spa with Pastor Don on one side, my dad on the other and Pastor Clint behind. I remember my dad praying for me and crying... I remember thinking " this is a very important day, the day I tell everyone I am a Christian! And a day I follow Jesus' command!". It is so amazing to be in the body of Christ!

Today was also my Great Grandma Robert's 93rd Birthday! We took her to the wind and sea in Dana Point Harbor! We had such a great time! She is am amazing woman of God! I love you Great Grandma!

She is so Cute!

Shouldn't there be about 96 more candles on that cake? :)

Make a wish!!!

Love the daisies!!!!!!!!

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