Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fun day!

Today was my mom's birthday! My dad has been on a business trip this whole week and he came home from China today! We drove up to the airport and picked him up. My mom works with a Chinese lady who we asked to write "welcome home daddy" in Chinese on a sign for us to hold! We were a little late and caught him looking for us and Naomi and I quickly got into position! Then we went to the Daily Grill to celebrate my mom's birthday. On the way home we saw the most amazing clouds!!! Gorgeous! I love rainy weather! Then I gave my mom an apron... her old one was.... from about 1992! It was very old faded and holey! So I made a reversible one that looked soo much like her! My sister bought two DVDs and we stuck them in the pockets of the apron and wrapped them in the apron! It was a super great day!

Me Dad and Naomi

Pretty clouds! Such a rarity in Southern California!

Mom and Dad!

Goofy Rachel and serious Naomi!

Wow wow wow!

This is what we saw getting off the freeway!

Mommy in her new apron!!!

wow... look at all that smoke!!!!

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