Tuesday, June 14, 2011

kitty scan tomorrow (err... make that today...)

I have a wonderful cat... she really is beautiful. Her name is Chatelaine which means mistress of the castle... our first cat we had was named Windsor... well there aren't many girly names so when I got "Chate"  (that's her nick-name) pronounced "sha-Tea" along with "kit cat bar"  and unforgettably and unfortunately  in recent years "pee pee princess" (She's now on a potty schedule... where we take her in... and make sure she remembers).  We searched and searched for the perfect name thirteen years ago and found Chatelaine... It fits her well... and her little thirteen year old body fits well in our small "castle".
 This is how she sleeps... every night :) right next to me... most of the time she has an angel's baseball blanket on... cause... she's a huge fan :) and she gets oh so cold :)
She is such a great nurse :)

So... it's the night before my cat scan (err... make that the early morning before... I slept till 1 then took a nap at 4... and now I'm going to bed at 1:30)...  and honestly... I wish it were my cat who was being scanned... I can't sleep... and neither can my cat... maybe she senses my nervousness... she hasn't left my side since this whole thing started... she freaks out whenever I don't wake up (or she thinks I have slept too long) and bites me gently on my cheek or arm to try and get me going... she is so great :)

I'm not really nervous about the scan... but mostly what it will do to my body... See... my surgeon from my first go around with illness freaked out when he saw how many scans I had received.
"a young lady is very susceptible to breast cancer with all of these scans"

I remember those words coming out of his mouth many times over...and him reminding me on all of my return visits and check-ups to "make sure and do your self exams... MONTHLY!"

And here I go... in for another scan... my chance of breast cancer before I'm 40 is a very high percent... one I cannot bear to even write... so... I'm not too excited about increasing it even more... with another cat scan...

So... please pray that tomorrow... some how... miraculously... the "ladies" would be protected from all of that nasty radiation from the cat scans...

And please... please pray that we would have our answer from this scan.

alright... Chatelaine and I are off to bed :) currently... she is sitting at my feet watching a silly moth that somehow made his way in our house flit across the room... and we are both ready... for more sleep...

xoxo- me


Anonymous said...

Waiting and praying. Stay strong.

Anonymous said...

Keeping you in the highest of healing light and protection.

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for doctors who are honest, but most of the time they are unaware of the Great Physician and His omniscience. Our all-knowing Father has grace and unlimited love for us, continually. No need for predictions. So, Rachel, continue to rest in Him with the understanding that the prayers that are raised to our Lord & Savior are being heard. [Prayer, peace, protection, perserverence, patience; love those 'P' words! Lovingly, Linda <><