Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beach Day!

Today after church my sis and "my brothers" and I went to the beach. We body boarded and played Frisbee and had a bonfire. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. As I took an evening walk to the pier I encountered leftover daytime fun. It was Sandcastles that were being softly washed away by the waves that caught my eye... And next to them... trash... Styrofoam cups and bowls and red Dixie cups. My smile from the sweet sandcastles faded as I watched the Styrofoam being taken into the sea. Quickly I ran after the litter and started collecting more and more as I went along my walk making trips up to the trash cans whenever my hands became too full. The saddest part about the bowls and cups was that these were what these Sandcastles had been created out of and they were just left there...
My parents always taught me to leave wherever I visited better than what I found it. My hope is that I will be able to pass that on to my children. So I encourage you my dear blog readers... to go to your local park, beach, or trail and pick up ten pieces of trash... Have your kiddos help and it will be even more fun!
After we went camping my parents would always have a competition of who could pick up the most trash. To this day whenever we go camping the last day I spend an hour or two picking up trash making it just a little prettier for the next person.
The best part about today though was the dolphins! I know I am making you Midwesterners jealous but... WE SWAM WITH THE DOLPHINS!!! They came about 6 feet away from my friend Nathan! It was pretty awesome. They were so beautiful and majestic. The dolphins made circles around the beach for about 2 hours.... Incredible!


Nyla said...

You swam with the dophins?! You ar eso brave...I have always wanted to do that...we see them so often in the summer...but I am afraid! You go girl!

Love the trash idea too...I will be passing that on to my kids.

Jerome & Crysti said...

That in insanely cool! Swimming with the dolphins and you didn't even have to go somewhere exotic and pay gobs of money to do it. Wow. So cool!