Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Learning to Love

Contentment always gets harder this time of year. There are so many events that make me long to have someone to go through these days with. Valentines... my birthday ...weddings... I would love to have someone to share these events with but since there is no one yet I must be content.

I must learn to love where I am at.

So here is my game plan for this year.
Valentines Day... annual Chicflick and Chocolate night.
My Birthday... I'm going to DISNEYLAND!
Weddings... I will dance the night away with my closest friends :)

1 comment:

Jeff and Robin said...

Did you know if you register on Disney's site, you get into the park for FREE on your birthday? Yay! Too bad I'll be super preggo on Jeff's birthday in July. Ha!