Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Adventures in Singleness... dating

*clarification for friends and family these are all combined stories... does that make more sense?

Well my faithful blog readers, I have been holding some information from you! That's right I didn't post everything in my life. Now that sufficient time has passed from these events I will let you into a little bit of my life. First and foremost I will say that none of these were negative experiences, these men were just not the right one. To protect the innocent, all names, dates, and places have been changed.

Date #1 The Dating Set Up
I met George at a small little cafe north of here. His hair was short and his face looked weathered. Conversation did not come easily on this date. Could it be that he knew I had friends nearby checking us out, making sure I was OK?! Before I left I had my dad write down some questions for me just in case the conversation got too lame (I still carry them in my purse... lame... yes). I tried to keep the conversation going and yet it was dry as a bone... It was one of those dates I just wanted to leave. In the end I plead irreconcilable differences...

Date #2 The Almost Date
Frank asked me to join him for a meal. Eager to see what this was all about I accepted. I went, joined him and we had a very pleasant time. Could this be the one? Possibly. My head swarmed with thoughts and all of the sudden I realized the conversation had stopped... he had asked a question and my mind was going so fast I had no idea what he had said! Oops. I asked what he said and told him my ears were plugged. Then I realized that we were not on a date... he had no idea that I even thought we might have been. I later found out that we had some strong moral differences.

Date #3 The I want to be your boyfriend so bad I will do and say anything!
Believe it or not this is not a good place to be in, especially when the man has no, I repeat that NO social skills. Although Peter attempted to treat me like a princess he didn't ever inform me that this was supposed to be a date. I thought I was meeting old friends for coffee... I showed up and it was only him! And there he was in a suit! I had just been on a walk and I was in workout clothes. He was a very nice young man but very odd. He tried so hard to make conversation and subtly tell me I was the one for him because he knew I could deal with his hygiene issues... ewww... OK maybe it wasn't so subtle! He might have outright said it. The end result... I told him how much I enjoyed listening to his life story about never finding a girl that he could relate to and how I would be praying for the right one to come along... The good news is he found "the one" the next week! who would have known :)

I would tell you some more but... I think you will have to wait :)

After all, the next story could be the one I tell for the rest of my life...

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Ashley said...

Oh my gosh!!! I can totally relate to #3! I had almost the same kind of date where the poor guy talked about his hygiene habits, ex-girlfriend and dui... talk about different values! I hope you have better luck on your next date!!