Thursday, October 30, 2008

Straight Sheet Envy

So many things to blog about... and so little time! So first off... I have straight sheet envy. That's right, I Rachel Shoemaker have Straight Sheet Envy. Every morning I wake up to a topsey turvey mess. Normally I am tangled in my sheets so badly it takes me a few minutes to get out.

Yesterday morning my sister accused me of messing up her sheets. That morning I thought something must have been wrong because her sheets were crazy. Did she get sick? Have a bad dream? Is she DEAD? None of those were the case... thank goodness! She quickly responded to my goodmorning greeting and I started my day. She then tells me I must have messed up her blankets during the night... I insist that I hadn't but she really thinks I did.

So last night we "fought" (actually mostly giggled) about how I have straight sheet envy. And no I didn't really mess up her bed.

Ok, next thing to blog about. My thumb is getting greener!!! A few weeks back I planted some lemon seeds and a spegghetti squash seed and look what happened!!!The two little ones are the lemons and the BIG one is the squash! Yay! I planted seeds and they actually grew!!! And they were just the seeds from the produce I ate!

While traveling with my sewing machine I always say Safety first and make her buckle up :)I am trying to update my wardrobe... I will show you a picture of my closet soon... it is in DESPERATE Need of an update! So... time to get sewing! Check out the new blouse I made. I know... not a great picture but in this one you can sort of see how "tent like" it is. I have seen many people wear tops kind of like this and I like them on them but... I have mixed emotions about tent tops on me. I also dyed my jeans a dark shade of blue... you know how they just fade over time? I love my jeans super dark!So what do you think of my top? Cute, or too tentish?

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Naomi said...

we all love this shirt. It does not look like a tent