Sunday, September 7, 2008

A fun Day at Knotts Berry Farm!

A sea of Roller Coasters!
I remember going to Knott's in fourth grade and seeing the Bottle House. I couldn't believe it! It was amazing... and still is! This time I actually got to go inside... it was a gift shop ( a little disappointing)

Look at all of those old bottles!
So cool and inspiring!

The boys... aka my brothers
My Sister and IWe had lunch at TGI Friday's! My sister and I both had the "Right portion Right Price" Pork Chop mashed potatoes and onion rings. It was amazing and only $5.99!
The new ride The pony Express... I wouldn't recommend it... it is uncomfortable and very short!
The accelerator... Yes I did go on it... IT WAS SO FUN! And SUPER SCARY! Jared and I screamed the whole way! Just like we did when we were kids riding a roller coaster for the first time.

My sissy!

I love this picture of Nate... It captures his personality perfectly.
Me and sissy... againI was so inspired by this! New project coming soon?!?!

And we finished up the night at In- n- out for some cheeseburgers and Milkshakes! Mmm!
My show this evening went well! I sold quite a bit. It was a good first show of the season!
My weekend was amazing! How was yours?
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Jess said...

wow...looks like you had a great day! Thanks for visiting my blog! to answer your question, yes...we planted the trees, one for each child, when they turned one. They are called Eastern the spring the branches are covered with purple flowers and the leaves are in the shape of hearts! I am just learning how to sew and i love the onsies and shirts....the owl and cherry blossoms are too cute!!! please keep posting your creations and maybe a tutorial?!? I am loving all of your creations! -jess