Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blue Hamper

It's amazing how attached we get to things. Today I threw something away. I didn't expect to feel any emotion when I put this cracked, falling apart, blue, 16 year old clothes hamper in the recycle bin, but I did. It had needed to be replaced for a long time but for some reason it stayed. It stayed in our sun room by my sewing table for about 2 years. Sometimes I would put my batting (pillow fluff) in it .

But today, I threw it away.

As I put this decrepit piece of Rubbermaid in the recycle bin a stream of memories came rushing through my mind.

The time when I was 5 years old and I played Oscar the grouch inside the hamper.

A rage in adolescence when my mom asked me to bring down the laundry and I threw the hamper down the stairs. Laundry went flying and I just made more work for myself.

When we moved to San Clemente and we hauled up pillows in the hamper.

And last but not least putting the blue hamper in the recycle bin.

I realize that I became semi attached to this hamper... I shouldn't have. It is a piece of plastic! But then again maybe I was just attached to the memories. I will keep the memories somewhere safe... as for the hamper it will probably be turned into water bottles, or storage containers, or maybe, just maybe, another new hamper.

Hopefully another child will get to play Oscar the grouch.


Jerome & Crysti said...

I agree...sometimes we get so attached to the things around us! Each time we move I try to throw away the things we haven't seen or thought of in the past year. I figure if we didn't even think of it all year long, we can probably live without it. (Though I must confess that the pack-rat in me always wants to keep everything!)

Nyla said...

such a cute post!

mkv said...

Thank you for my gift! I received it today and can't wait to use all 3!