Monday, August 11, 2008

We had an amazing trip!

Last week my sister and I went camping together... all by ourselves! It was amazing! We had a great time cooking, fishing, hiking, having picnics in the middle of the creek, and just being goofy! On Tuesday night I got the stomach flu that some of my girls had at camp the week before. So basically our tent was a mess, we drove down to Bishop at 12 am and got a hotel and did laundry the next day. Fortunately I was feeling well enough to finish our trip so we went up the mountain with Lysol and pepto bismal in hand :) It was an amazing trip and I wouldn't have wanted to take the trip with anyone else! I love you sissy!


Nyla said...

It looks like you had a great time! So sorry you got sick! Welcome back to the blog world again! Missed you!

Jerome & Crysti said...

That sounds like a total blast! I'm dying to go camping (not that we have any gear, but I figure we could borrow it from my folks.) We should plan a "young people" camping trip :-) Interested?