Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer fun!

Ok... I know I haven't been posting very often lately but I have just been so busy living life! The past week was so super busy for me wild rivers, the beach, Tea with friends, going away parties, lots of sewing, and of course watching the OLYMPICS! The first Olympics I really remember are the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. I was nine years old and it was amazing. I wanted so badly to meet the gymnasts and be one. The Olympics are an amazing time of pride for our country. I love them!!!

here is a quick little photo catch up!Fun while camping
Wearing my seaweed hat Nathan made for me
Roasting hot dogs... mmm!Our "Olympics" basically a bunch of friends trying to do "tricks"Tea! mmm fun!Best scones ever!me and my sissy!

I am sad to see the summer end. I am also sad to see the Olympics end, but I am happy to start going to bed before 2 am :)

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Nyla said...

lovethe olympic picture. I hate to see the summer going too!