Monday, June 9, 2008

hide and seek

Two years ago when we moved to San Clemente my darling cat Chatelaine found a new game to play... Run circles around the house... literally our house is a circle. You can get to any room through any other room. All rooms except 1 bathroom have two entrances. Chatelaine quickly found out that she could run in circles as fast as she could for hours. Soon the newness of "circles" wore off and she became less active again.

Me and My Little Burrito of Fun sleeping!

As I was finishing up loading the dishwasher tonight, my sister came in to talk to me. I quickly decided to make tonight into a game. She walked in, I walked out.

N- Rachel I have something to tell you!

R- I am in my sewing room!

N- Where did you go?

R-I am in mom and dad's room now

N- Rachel where are you going? This house is impossible!

R-I am in the living room!

N-No you aren't

R-I am in the kitchen!

N-I hear you... you are in the sewing room!

R-I am in our room!

N-Where are you?! ha ha

R-I am in the hall!

N- Where are you now?

R-I am in the dining room

N-Ha ha! I caught you!

I love playing games...


Chrissie said...

you two are the cutest!

Nyla said...

you crack me up! I wish I had a circle in my sounds fun!