Saturday, June 14, 2008

Daddy I love you...

Because you are an amazing family man.because you encouraged me to do things I didn't want to do and I ended up loving them!
because you are a goofball! because you supported me when I was sick... we went through 2 surgeries... lots of sick days... and you loved me through it all.
Because you and mommy love each other like crazy... even after 26 years!
because you let me put gum on gumball ally!

because you always encouraged me to have as much fun as I could... even if we had no candles for birthday cakes!

because you taught me to be "handy"!
Because you have no shame when your daughter proudly wears a hat of tin foil.
because you encouraged us to be friends... best friends!
because you taught us how to serve... even though it is hard sometimes!
because you taught me how to enjoy nature!

because you understand my need to lay on the floor with my kitty and blanket. because even though you didn't want to... you wore matching red pajamas for a picture.
because you let our great grandparents hang out with us... and hold us.

because you give me yummy snacks and you always buy the best junk food.

because you taught me how to drive.
because you have always celebrated with me.
because you know how to play the best games!
because you always wanted to send me to the best schools... so I could have all the opportunity in the world.

Because you let Naomi sleep on horses :) And you even let her go to bed with her helmet on once :)
Because you loved Naomi enough to build her a snowman... out of an inch of snow!
Because you carved me a really yummy Jack-o-lantern!
because you taught us the importance of helping each other out... and loving each other!

because you let me have cats... even if they don't always obey...

because you taught us how to have fun together!
because you always treated us like princesses!

Because you got us an amazing dog... oh how we miss Sally!
Because you took us on amazing trips where Naomi pretended to be Marilyn Monroe!

Because you always make us smile!

because no matter what we look like you are always willing to give us fashion advice... and then tell us how beautiful you think we are.

because you have amazing friends like the Roberts and we get to be life long friends with Nathan and Jared because you let us hang out... together... and even let the Roberts give us the chicken pox!
Because you taught Naomi how to love me!
Because you taught us how to fish... and you are the smartest man in the world!

Because you always knew who would give us great hugs!
Because you showed us how to love!
Because you have no problem giving up your manliness for a few moments... and riding the pink horse because it is prettier... and you need to wear some more pretty jewels.

Because you are our dad... and no matter what, we will always be your little girls!

I love you Daddy! Thank you for always being there for me... especially when I need advice. Happy Father's Day!


Nyla said...

What a wonderful tribute to your father!

Cathi Hamen said...

Wow that was soooooo nice!!!!!!!

Chrissie said...

Any dad who'll wear matching red pajamas with his family is a WINNER. Your family is very blessed to have a godly man as the head.