Thursday, June 19, 2008

Are you twins?

As I was walking into church today I got stopped by a woman in her car...

"You work at the preschool don't you?"

"No, I work at the church, but my Sister works at the preschool, her name is Naomi"

"Oh you guys look so much alike! Do you know what park the party is at?"


I give her directions and walk into work. It was a normal day finished up some stuff and came home. My sister says to me...

"So I guess you helped out a preschool parent this morning?"


"She asked if we were twins..."

"That's funny... She told me we looked alike"

This is so funny for us because most people don't even think we are sisters...


Naomi said...

thanks for putting up such a great picture of me!

Nyla said...

I agree that you look like sisters...but not twins! :)