Wednesday, June 4, 2008

100 Sales!

It is official! I have had 100 sales on Etsy! I am so excited! Today is such a wonderful day!

To my faithful blog readers and etsy shoppers... thank you for all of your support! Oh, and I want to say hello to my most faithful blog readers... Hello Aroda, Virginia I don't know who you are but I am glad you visit so often! And hello Papa... I love you... I know you! You are my Grandpa! Have I embarrassed you now? :) Love ya!

I love this blog patrol... it is so interesting :)


wapower said...

I enjoy reading your musings each entry. You do a great job of writing interesting reports. Grandma and I are happy for you that your business is going well. Keep up the great work effort. Love you sweetie.


Suzy said...

100 sales! Congrats! That is sooo amazing! Can't wait for lunch today!