Sunday, April 20, 2008

having to be reminded

Last night I had one of "those" moments. I stood in front of my mirror staring at the seven and a half inch line going down me, wishing, hoping it would go away. It was staring me in the face, almost mocking me saying it would be there forever... whether I liked it or not. It will be there when I get married, when I have children, when I am 90 years old... it will still be there. I stood there wondering why I was feeling these feelings I hadn't felt for months; I thought I was over this, it would never be a problem again.

Then I realized something, again. This scar, this line is not a punishment but a sign of God's grace. All seven and a half inches stand for his grace, everything I went through, everything he brought me through.

I need to stop, realize, and praise God for his goodness and grace daily, not just when I think about it or he has to remind me; he should never have to remind me. But maybe, just maybe that is why God gives us scars, so we can be reminded of all he has brought us through.


chrissie said...

It's so easy to lose perspective when we take our eyes off our Savior. He is so gracious and kind to his children.
You are beautiful and your scar is beautiful. You're right, it is a symbol of his grace, and what he has brought you through.
I'm so blessed to hear your journey in understanding his grace more and more.
Plus, it's just cool.

Nyla said...

Oh Rachel, I can so relate to what you wrote about your scar. I go there too...wishing my tummy was free of my three scars. It took me a while to look at them as a sign of how God showed me are so much younger than me...and have already figured that out! You are such an amazing girl. I am so glad to know you...that my chldren know you. You are an amazing woman!