Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yesterday I realized how much I like consistency in my life. This past weekend I took care of my two younger cousins. We had a ton of fun! We went swimming and cleaned their rooms, cooked lasagna, I made french toast and bacon, and we ate pancakes, it was a blast! But... it is never the same as being at home.

After swimming we went to their home and I took a shower... that is when I realized it... I like consistency! I had forgotten my wonderful shampoo! I used theirs and it worked fine, my hair smelled nice and I came out clean, but it wasn't my own.

Coming home I couldn't wait to use my own shampoo so my hair would smell like... my hair. I came home and got in the shower and started to realize that I am very loyal to my products. I have used the same type of razor for about 8 years, the same shampoo and conditioner for 5 years and the same soap my whole life! I guess you could say I am the perfect customer in that sense, I stick with the same product for years. These products are loyal, they always work, and are always there for me. I have nice shiny hair, smooth non-cut legs, and clean skin. It really takes something drastic to happen for me to be unhappy with one of my favorites... They are loyal.

Recently, I also realized I have had the same basic group of friends my entire life... Some new ones come and some go, but the group never changes. We experienced everything together, chicken pox, first days of pre-school, Sunday School, family vacations, first crushes, driving, first loves, broken hearts, broken dreams, new businesses, graduations, life changing illnesses, the list could go on for ages. These friends never change they are always there. They are the ones who called me in junior high to share in my excitement over a crush, the ones who understand the importance of being a "meow meow" AND the importance of growing out of it, the ones who sat by me in the hospital and iced my arm that hurt so bad from all the IVs , they are the ones who told me that my first love really lost something great when my heart felt so empty, they are the ones who will laugh at me when I get in the ocean in my "ocean wear", the ones who get so excited about my business and can't wait to see it blossom, the ones who I can tell anything too, the ones who remember all the crazy stuff we did together, they are the ones who remember getting in trouble together for lying to our parents and going to the movies with BOYS, they are the ones who spent the night and stayed up into the wee small hours of the morning watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, they are the ones who remember birthdays and send a note, they are the ones who watched me fall into a freezing cold lake and fished me out, they are the ones who no matter what will always be there... always

They are The Body of Christ.

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Naomi said...

I have been thier for most of these events, but i think you should let people know. 1 i had nothing to do with go to the movies with boys. 2 i was ready on day 1 for the "moew moew" to go away. 3 the best part about seven brides for seven brothers is laying on the pull out bed and dancing with ax's. thats all i can think of for now, my best friend