Thursday, April 3, 2008


Four Wheels are better :)
four jobs i have had in my life:


Children's Ministries intern

Childcare Coordinator

Daisy Dots :)

four movies I've watched more than once:

Sleepless In Seattle

You've Got Mail

Return To Me

Pride and Prejudice

four places I've lived:

Romoland California

Mission Viejo

Laguna Hills

San Clemente

four TV shows i watch:

Ugly Betty


Super Nanny

the news

four places i have been:



New York

Washington D.C.

four favorite foods:

Lima Beans

Whole Wheat Pasta (even though half of my family hates it... Naomi! :) )

Iced tea with lemon

Dark Chocolate ( have you tried the 100 calorie bars from trader joes? mmm... super good!)

four places I'd rather be right now:

I really like where I am right now... but I would love a trip to Europe :)


at a spa

the beach... I know... I live here :)

four things I'm looking forward to this year:

Traveling to Texas to see my cousin get married

Sewing :)


Watching Daisy Dots grow

four places i love to shop:

Old Navy

Any Fabric store

Trader Joes

Does Golden Spoon Count?

Tag... You're it!

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