Thursday, March 6, 2008

My life described by movies...

I was thinking of this last night as I was falling asleep...

When I was a little girl I wanted my life to be like the movie Cinderella. I dreamt that I would meet my prince charming, wear beautiful dresses and live happily ever after. In my childhood I would have to say my life was a little bit more like the movie "We Sing in Silly ville", a little wacky... and not quite normal.

In my teen years my life became a little bit like the movie "A Walk to Remember" I had people constantly coming up to me at school (many people who I didn't even know!) saying, "you are just like that girl in "A Walk to Remember"! You dress like her, you look like her and you act like her! Except for that whole having cancer and dieing thing of course" I took most of these comments as complements, except for the whole dressing like her thing! ha ha!

My life then took a turn towards "Return to me" I became very ill, and waited to have surgery. Surgery has come and gone and I can totally relate to the scene where Minnie Driver sits in her room and looks in the mirror and stares at her scar... I can't even tell you how many times I have done that, and felt those same feelings.

Then my life was "The Holiday" I had the devastating break up about a year ago and had to get away. I went to my grandparents and sewed, found out I could live happily without him.

Now my life is turning once again! I think I am in a little bit of "You've Got Mail" meets "While you were sleeping" and hopefully... someday... I will have my Cinderella.


Shan said...

That is so sweet - and no wonder I love you - I love all those movies :}

Jerome & Crysti said...

You've got mail: Budding romance through email.
While you were sleeping: Budding romance with fake brother-in-law.

Do I sense a budding romance? I have heard nothing of that sort from your lips.

Or perhaps another theory:
You've got mail: Woman with mom&pop bookshop fights to keep it running.
While you were sleeping: Lonely woman discovers the joy of family.

Is there an urgent battle to keep the Daisy Dots alive? Are you basking in the love of family and friends?

I'm dying to know the particulars of your movie references :-D

Rachel Shoemaker said...

I think I will have to keep you all guessing! :) This is fun! he he!

Jerome & Crysti said...

You're terrible! Secrets make life secretive ;-) Tell us!! You know you want to :-D