Tuesday, March 25, 2008

my last day as a ... twenty year old

Today is my last day as a twenty year old... I always think of birthdays like this, a little sad to move on to the next year and happy all at the same time. To most people birthdays just come and go, but I try to ponder my last year, think of the good, the bad, the ugly, they beautiful and make next year better. I would probably consider my twentieth year a success... here is how it went.
Heartbroken and healing from surgery
Traveled to Washington for my Great Grandmas 100th birthday
Stayed in Washington for a few weeks to heal my "heart"
Sewed a lot
Came home
Got a nanny job
Worked as a summer Children's ministry intern at my church
Went to Summer Camp with my kiddos!
Started Daisy Dots :)
Sewed even more....
Went Camping with my Family
Bought a new Sewing machine :) she is beautiful
Took a Nanny Job in Florida for 3 weeks
Sewed for Boutiques
Helped out Great Grandma
Sold at Boutiques
Celebrated Christmas in Washington
Came home in January and helped Great Grandma
Went to Winter camp with the kiddos!
Babysat a lot
Babysat some more
sewed a lot
Went to the LAKER GAME!
On February 27th Naomi says I hugged a tree.
babysat some more
Celebrated my singleness
Celebrated Easter!
and ... Finally Celebrated my final day of being 20... I am getting old :)

Here are some pictures of my twentieth year in no particular order :)

Tomorrow, I will be Twenty-one


Jerome & Crysti said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!! :-) Are you celebrating with your family?

Naomi said...

HAppy Birthday my sister!