Thursday, January 24, 2008

I am getting caught up!

I finally got my pictures off my dad's camera ( I was borrowing it while mine was broken) Here are the pictures I promised a long time ago!
My table at a home boutique... Everything you see here has been sold! yay!

Here I am with my "Daisy dots" Apron!

Family at Christmas time as taken from the top of our car!

My sissy and I!

These are from today! We had the most beautiful rainbow! It was a complete rainbow! Amazing rainbow, amazing promise!

Looking toward the ocean
cute rain boots my parents gave me for Christmas!

The rainbow and I!

My mom!

I have been cooking a lot lately and trying many new recipes! All the recipes have been from weight watchers cookbooks and have been so delicious! I made an Italian pot roast for dinner we all enjoyed it and then... the cat did too! I love her and I know it sounds ridiculous but I am glad she got to try some! ok mom and dad you can stop being angry now :) he he!

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