Monday, December 10, 2007

Excess vs. Simplicity

While I was sick I focused on simplicity. I didn't want anything that could cause me to be stressed, angry or frustrated. In deciding to simplify my life I became obsessed with only having what I needed. I loved it! Everything was easy to find, I was super organized and very confident. I knew I couldn't control my life, but I could control my stuff.

Since then I have lost my view. My sewing room is out of control! My room is stuffed full! I came to this conclusion this weekend when my dad walked in and said... WHAT HAPPENED! I decided something had to change. I have to go back to being simple. I am living in excess and stressed about all the stuff! Life should not be about stuff but experiences, family and most importantly God. So I have decided to stop living in excess and go back to simplicity. I have 2 garbage bags ready to go to the Salvation Army, 1 bag for the recyling bin and another for the garbage. I have realized how much excess I am living in. I am also experincing an excess in body mass... I got into this all you can eat mind set that I NEED to change otherwise I will not be able to fit into my clothes...

May Your CHRISTmas Season be full of simplicity!

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chrissie said...

I so agree with your thoughts on simplicity. It sometimes feels like all my stuff owns me and I just want to get rid of it all, except for my toothbrush.