Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Substitute for chocolate... TUNA!?!?!

A conversation my mom, sister, and I had after dinner...

Me- We don't have any chocolate in this house!

Naomi-Rachel we don't have much of anything in this house!


Sorry mom... tuna isn't chocolate... it will never be chocolate


Naomi said...

so i just typed this hole thing about how tuna can change into chocolate. and the computer ate it! so here it is agaion. tuna can change into chocolate because when we left for our walk no chocolate in the house only tune, when we came back a mom eating m&ms. hum can tuna change, or was mom hidding the m&m's

Tim Shoemaker said...

Tuna... Hmmm... I dont think that tuna goes with chocolate.
If you guys feel that it does, maybe you can have that meal (along with Artichokes) while I am gone on a business trip... hahaha
ok... so it looks like maybe Naomi and Rachel need to take Mom on a field trip to the grocery store to buy some food (and chocolate).
Love Dad

Naomi said...

time for a new post!