Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I would like to plead insanity...

Due to the fact that I have now sold over 50 percent of my product I am now working like a crazy chipmonk prepairing for my next show. I have made over 12 bags and 7 aprons in the past 24 hours. It takes me about an hour for each item. I just realized about a half an hour ago that I had not eaten all day... hmm slight problem... I also hadn't really stood up all day either... hmm... big problem. I raise my body out of the chair and oooooooooohhh that hurts. My foot had a cramp, my knee was shaking... I think I need to set my alarm clock for excercize and eating breaks. So if you see me limping around, have no fear... I have just lost my mind! :)

My biggest boutique is tomorrow at Portola Hills Elementary School in Portola Hills! Please come 10% of all sales go directly to the school! I will have a lot of new items!!

My business has taken on a life of its own :)

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Anonymous said...

hey... dont do that... you need to get up and walk around! Take breaks! you will be more efficient! :)