Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Princess, Spider Man, Marriage and babies

I have been babysitting for one of my favorite families again and my favorite little girl in the whole wide world! This little angel is obsessed with princesses right now and loves Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She "read" me the story yesterday (she is almost three) she has the whole story line memorized! It is so cute! She said one thing that made me laugh and smile so hard... "Then she came forth out of the forest." I thought this was SO adorable! Imagine a 2 almost three year old saying these words to you. I didn't believe what I had herd and asked her what she said and she said it again! I love kids and how they surprise me almost every day with what they say...

Today she told me she is going to grow up to be a princess and marry
Spider man and have babies :)

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