Saturday, October 13, 2007

Picture time!

The mold was soo gross! It was all over! Yuck!

Here is a picture of the water... icky... yellow... this is what I arrived to!

The Sun Trolley! I loved it!

Here I am with the water taxi driver... he was a little wacky in case you couldn't tell!

My first time in the Atlantic!

Th tropical storm!
The beautiful baby I watched!

This is my blistered lip from the pizza! Ouch! The blister is on the left!

I had my first trip to winn Dixie
One of the lizards!

My hotel!

Over all it was a great trip! I learned and grew! I am happy to be back and I am so happy to be sewing again!


Naomi said...

Yum Mold!

Jerome & Crysti said...

Yay! I love pictures. You look great in front of the beach...and I've never seen a water taxi. It looks awesome!