Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My "friend" is sick... again

So my wonderful friend, my sewing machine is sick again... I am very disappointed because I know that to get it fixed it will cost me another $109 and then I will officially have paid more for repairs than for the machine (which I got for a great deal). The worst part is it is only a year old. I am so sad. My friend, the appliance I spend at least 8 hours of my day with is broken again and I will be without it for a week, which means getting way behind on my work. I am going to take it in and my great grandmothers Bernina (which i recently inherited, but needs a thorough tune-up) to the shop. Hopefully they will be able to fix it, and maybe give me a happy little discount for bringing in 2 machines at once!
As for some better news... I got my seller's permit today... I am officially legal! Yay!


chrissie said...

So sorry to hear about your machine! I can't wait to see some pictures or samples of your work. You are so talented.

Jerome & Crysti said...

Yay! Love the blog :-)
Can't wait for you to be open for business! You're talent was obvious via Kelly's wedding!
Hope you are doing well!

Lisa Leonard said...

can't wait to see your creativity!

Sowing said...

Me again :-)
I don't know what kind of stuff you use, or what's helpful to you, but this looked like it was screaming your name, so check it out
:-) Crysti

Rojas' said...

Hey Rach - welcome to blog world - can't wait to see your stuff :} shannon